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Cross Cultural Colleboration Concert 

Lakeside Arts Nottingham 8:00pm 2nd October 2016

Sura Susso and Ling Peng are virtuosos of two of the world’s oldest instruments –the kora and the erhu. Sura, born into a Gambian griot family, and Ling, a child prodigy in the instrument that literally means ‘two strings’, have played across every continent as soloists, songwriters, and band members in warehouses, ballrooms and concert halls. And now, in the world premiere of this new show, they join forces to explore rhythms, melodies and songs from both cultures and discover ways to blend and bend these two musical traditions. With Michael Cretu on bass and Mohinder Singh on tablas, this will be an exhilarating evening of lyrical melodies, intricate percussion, story telling and musical mastery.  


Silent Movie with Live Music Performance

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Written In Dust: live music and film

Film by Gareth Rees

Music by Ling Peng

Music performed by Ling Peng and Andy Middleton


Written In Dust is a silent film and live music performance event: a contemporary silent film set in Beijing with live music performance using traditional Chinese instruments and state of the art electronic music re-mixing.


The film tells the tragic tale of three young Chinese rural migrants who come in search of the new life that modern Beijing promises. The tensions created by the pursuit of money and the repression of love lead to moral corruption, betrayal, lies and the ultimate tragedy.


Ling Peng uses the Erhu (a two-stringed Chinese violin) and GuZheng (Chinese zither), Andy Middleton the piano and guitar, to powerful and haunting effect, tracing the journey through moods of early optimism, internal struggle, violent threat, tragic melancholy and tenuous hope. 


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Ling Peng gratefully acknowledges the support of PRS for Music Foundation

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